Webber Wave Pools
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We are currently modifying our existing drive system to allow for vastly more control over the hull speed, draft and trim angle. These additional controls will transform our ability to change the wave shape during the ride. As a result, we will be able to make the wave angle and wave size and wave shape change in a similar way as happens in nature. This will bring the anticipation that we experience in the ocean, into the man made environment. Of course it would take most surfers a long time to get bored of mechanically perfect waves, if ever, but if you can, then why not add the random aspect to keep you looking down the line at what the wave is offering next! This new system will also allow us to create waves of different size in the same pool at the same time. When linked to the profile of each patron by their RFID wristband, the software driving the new drive system will immediately adjust the ratio of the wave sizes to match with the changes in demand during the day. There would no longer be a need for session times. In the next weeks we will be posting more detailed information about these developments.

Contact: info@webberwavepools.com